Adriano Marinazzo / In The Beginning / Contamination No. 14 / In Parentheses Literary Magazine

“Contaminations” from the “In the Beginning” Series by A. Marinazzo

“Contaminations” from the “In The Beginning” Series — Adriano Marinazzo is an artist, architect, and scholar. Their projects are interdisciplinary works that include digital experimentation, spirituality, music, and academic research. Has taught virtual architecture and contemporary art at the University of Florence. In 2014, invited to participate in the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Currently, a curator at the Muscarelle Museum of Art at William & Mary. These photos have been created during the recent pandemic. The current restrictions brought me to work in peripheral areas where human encounters are rarer. But even in these places of social exclusion, anthropization (and consequent visual contamination) affects our environmental perception. In these works, we see how electric street wires interact/interfere with our vision of the sky. We can understand how nature, like human beings, is easily vulnerable to contamination, especially in these challenging times.

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