“Crop Damage” by D. Grubb

David Grubb, a retired Coastguard Warrant Officer, has creatively written since childhood, yet career/family always came first. He’s changing that aspect of life and loving every minute. His work appears in Touchstone, Toasted Cheese, 1:1000, Sixfold.org, The Elevation Review, Every Day Fiction, The Abstract Elephant, The Bookends Review, Wingless Dreamer, & Ab Terra Flash Fiction. http://www.agrubbylife.com

Photography by Strixx Slade

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“Coiffur” by J. Irwin

Jones Irwin teaches Philosophy and Education in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. He has published original monographs on philosophy and aesthetics. He has published poetry most recently in Poetry London, Showbear Family Circus, Passengers Journal, Plainsongs, The Dewdrop and Cathexis Northwest Press. His creative nonfiction was also recently published in Kairos Magazine and his flash fiction was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. Artwork: Photography by Strixx Slade

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