GRAB THIS: Ana Carrete’s “pinky promise me this”

GRAB THIS: Ana Carrete’s “pinky promise me this”

Stumbled upon Ana Carrete's chapbook/piece entitled "pinky promise me this" just today on Twitter. You should check it out! Click here to read/download a PDF version. You can also purchase a copy of her recent book Baby Babe using the links below. A Shaun Gannon reading from "pinky promise me this" (2012). Links

A Tweet Is Not a Ballot

I hadn’t been thinking much about social media lately and really never intended to write my first InParentheses blog post on the topic. But after watching a Charlie Rose interview recently, I felt compelled to respond. The interview was of Roger McNamee, a technology guru and founding partner of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, [...]

New Modernist Manifesto – A Theory by Phillipe Chatelain

The New Modernist Manifesto Paper beats rock. Computer keys beat paper. When Michael Pitter and I decided to put together a literary magazine we knew that it would not stick without a distinct focus, something that could help not only identify our magazine but also keep it on the right track. Michael writes critically, with [...]