Cheap Mood Rings – Poem by Portia Ross

Cheap Mood Rings

The tip of the pen hits the paper cutting a gash in the sister of trees standing hand in hand.
Blue blood splashed on every face, the shade of blue used in rainbow patterned friendship bracelets Every line was filled with the agony that poured from a brain weary from trying to understand.

The betrayal ripped the heart from my sleeve
And in my search for it, in the darkness of my impatient tears, my hands found a pen.
A pen with only one drop of ink left, enough for a sentence, a sentence written in a hurry, written in a hurry was only one word “why”?

Why: the personification of the question mark
Why: the sheep’s clothing that arrogance wears on it’s off days.

Why: A word with no direction, a word that can never be an answer

Why is that I can hear my heart but not see it?
What friends have trampled over it in their vacation from friendliness?

Something tells me it is hiding from strangers.

See when I asked you how your day went, I meant every syllable,

In every ounce of the pronunciation was genuine care.

I reserved my special alphabet for you.

You know the kind you’re only suppose to use for family.

And with my special alphabet we had conversations that had no end and we forgot the beginnings.

But now on the floor,
My hand accidentally grazes miscellaneous puddles of tears

That I never thought would fall from words Words that I never thought could be spoken

Spoken from an alphabet creating a vocabulary
That I never thought you would ever use with me.
It is blue. Like the blue they use in those rainbow-patterned friendship bracelets that always fades the fastest Like the blue that cheap mood rings stay when they’re broken.
I wonder is a broken mood still a mood? Or indifference

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