Meet Eastern Europe: Budapest, Hungary

I was able to go to the beautiful city of Budapest over my spring break. Here are some of the amazing pictures I was able to take over there.

3 thoughts on “Meet Eastern Europe: Budapest, Hungary

    1. NO! I didn’t get a chance to. The walking tour didn’t bring us there or to the Parliament. We saw the shelled old Defense building on the Buda side near the Palace.

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    Hey guys! Going a little bit out of order here. Got preoccupied with my latest project, an online literary magazine located over at the link above.

    Budapest was such an amazing place to visit; it was a pleasant contrast from the Amsterdam and Prague cold! The night I got in to Budapest I was still sick from before and I took that night to medicate myself and rest up before traveling to Rome. When I woke up in the morning, the sun was out and I was feeling tons better. So I was able to go on a walking tour of the Buda and Pest sides of Budapest (on either side of the river). The Pest side is a World Heritage Site, which means the view is so beautiful and crucial to the history of humanity that it’s not allowed to change it. (For example, they’re not allowed to put a new skyscraper in the Pest skyline). Another example of a WHS is the Statue of Liberty. Budapest looked the most “normal” out of all the cities I visited, and I’m basing that decision solely on two things: the cars were not all tiny as they are in every other city, and the stores aren’t super cramped the way they are in Rome and Paris and Madrid. It reminded me of Fordham Road a little bit when I first got there.

    Anyway, that is all from Budapest. I am currently wrapping up my studies in Madrid, and I will be heading back to the states in approximately (looks it up) 12 days!! Excited not excited.

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