Conclusion – Poem by B Bullock


I’ve finally reached it.

Because well, you were all tall and dark and harrowing,

like a menacing bolt of light on an anxious night, following me home,

or a taunting, evil gesture from a soured mother disappointed in her daughter,

or a fighting word between two lovers that takes everything too far,

I was kept, unable to move or run away,

only watch and come alive at the sweet disdain for me,

all for me,

and for what I remind you of.

And you remind me of the delicate girl I buried,

and her typical taste for a show in shades, not color,

so the stillness could have a reason to break and be lost,

so the ache could settle some like a bright red tree skirt around my maddeningly

glorious distraction.

Author: Brittney Bullock

Boston University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Primary interests include politics, prose and poetry.

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