Pulsessor – Poem by M. Pitter


esc esc esc. No  E S C A P E        JustOnlySpecifically escescescesc.

A World Wide Web spun with fiber optic wires holds the flesh Submerged in cyber space.

Seizures of hyperlights and pixels penetrate the eyes, seeping through the gloss sending a mania of strobe in-to the abysses of the pupils.

Waiit….(access outbox and TEXT): “Someone! Help! Help ME! Something! Help!” The only witnesses are the two dimensional icons suspended in the Desktop sky. Cloak and dagger vignettes, minding their own business with upturned lips and leisured eyes.

But Ever on the verge of drowning, But to die would be all too easy.

A fiber optic wire whipped from the void comes to my rescue. Seductive does it sway with every coming ripple of glittery sea.

Grabbing ahold of iT grabs a hold of me, reels me into its grasp composed of complex piles of wired tentaculations.

Upon the shores, beneath the celestial silver, with an Il Penseroso moistened mind, silicon and coltan tears fall dry-and-swift never touching the face…

But Upon the Shores! Bound! in a world wide web of lacquer coated wires slithering over our senses, ever-splayed about us like the forgotten nerves buried beneath the flesh.

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