What’s on your mind? – Poem by J. Gawrych

“we don’t need to get so serious here, ma’am.”
her voice is raised and she’s glancing around.
“ma’am please.”

there is a long line for the Express check out
is that ironic
or am I thinking too much?

the other day someone called me a hotter version of Kristen Stewart
but they were drunk and so was I.

ma’am we don’t need to get so serious here.
I was just kidding, lol.

please sign here.
please enter your pin.
and your social.
agree to the terms of service
surrendering rights lol.

“ma’am please.”

the other day I ordered fries and when I was handed my
Large Fry for $2.29, i was not asked
“Would you like some sauce with that?”
and I wondered why I noticed that and what that meant.

just kidding, lol.

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