Who Coos to a Public Pestilence by E. Collins

the wind sifts specks of sand; the Trojan engine veils the benign auburn hue

A grain of sand swept from a sinking bedding, joins the violent charge

Challenged by the composite wind

thrown into a force at large

the speck of sand must now take responsibility too

the rapturous roar of the phonographic cyclone

voices a note- novel and untuned-

the brass noise is refined


by the unsound wind

who coos to a public pestilence

a melody so mellow

rescind! turn back

fall into your sinking bedding

where the wind blows, that is where you will be, in the ruins of brokered collectivity.

Author: Michael

is a recent graduate of Boston University, where he received the Gregory Hudson Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities. He studied English Literature, History and Philosophy. To Michael, In Parentheses functions as an established, intellectual environment where art and current events share equal relevance.

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