Age of Information – Collab Poem by J Ramos & P Chatelain

Age of Information
By Phillipe Chatelain, Joshua Ramos

The brain versus the Internet.
Both vast, controlling,
Subject to manipulation by the masses.

A labyrinth,
Winding paths and endless loops
Of latent ideas.
Rivers of consciousness into oceans.

Programmed to execute our orders,
Society’s standards. Made to blend in.
Created to justify the means to an end.

Modified by the minds of those
Compelled to spread creativity.
A living, breathing entity
Mirroring our world,
But lacking it’s palpability.

Disgraced by those who benefit from this faulty world,
Bastard sons of politicians taint its remarkable beauty.
Ultimately it fades along with the past connections.

Deep within,
Lies a glimmer of genuine hope for humanity
Concealed by layers of convoluted expressions of self-disgust.

The dark face of society is revealed.
Blank stares of unfamiliarity,
As human nature stirs up slowly from anxiety to violence.

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