for Souls – Poem by J.Gawrych

by God
i would write myself insane to cure this earth’s ills.
if blisters on my fingertips could undo the damage that has suffered my friends,
i’d let my hands bleed.
i’d spill from my palms like Orestes pouring libations,
i would spill my wine and that of the grape vines, red all over,
to still their torments.

if words could undo evil,
my hands would scrape GOD and LOVE on every surface,
carve it into my flesh and that of sinners to take off the curses that plague the earth.

by God,
if verses were bandages i’d write a new Holy Scripture
and throw pages as airplanes, send prayers flying.

hold your daughters close for this world is so hard,
devils in disguise walk the streets and snatch up angels
my own two eyes have witnessed saints turned to ghosts,
but these helpless wrists have no strength, no wit,
not enough to bless these poor, these ruined children.

Gather the priests!
Make hallow the dams we block and let the floodgates open,
spill Holy Water on this rock planet and soften the demons,
crucify the pests that infect Our Blessed.

by God (if there is one to speak of)
i pray He is listening.

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