Holy Water: Vaporized – Poem by J.Gawrych

carve your body with my palms
jawline to collarbone
hip to thigh.
sins, They whisper
but these doomed hands are deaf to the Chorus
they trace the path to Hell:
your waist line.

lick your flames
down the curves of your figure
kiss the bumps of your hips
the hills of Babylon, They call them
feel like mountains moulded by Jah
these fingertips follow highways to the equator
heat rises from the center of the world:
your Prime Meridian.

the sheets shudder with tremors telling of an earthquake to come
fingertips down your spine
from the crevice in between your shoulders to the valley of your lower back
suffocation for a moment while we catch our breath
mouth to my neck
hot, hot like demons They warned.
crucify me, my body begs.
burn this mattress and the bed posts that hold it.

ashes to ashes and dust to dust
i want you now
in love and lust

Author: jessgawrych

i have thoughts. sometimes those thoughts turn into poems.

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