July Devotion – Poem by P Chatelain

July Devotion

photo cred: phillipe chatelain

These warm summer afternoons
I wish would last forever.
Laying here with you has been splendid,
And I really don’t want to leave.
Where are we?
I see trees in every direction,
But I know the skyscrapers are staring.
Roll down this hill with me.
Let’s kick up the dust of passion
And laugh all the way down.
Or maybe–
We could swim around
In this sea of green emotion.

How’s that sound?

When you pull away,
Your lips still glisten
For a moment in the sunlight.
Our laughs echo and turn heads.

How do we feel so isolated with
Sixteen million eyes fixed on us?

Tell Love,
We’re not looking for her anymore.
These clouds, the birds,
The sun, the moon, the grass,
They all see what we have.

We don’t need to know
What love is
To feel it.

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