just chill and lol about it – Poem by J.Gawrych

let’s tweet smileys to the world,
project youtube videos of baby animals onto the walls of Giza
spam leaders with kitten memes
share chips and dip with Mexico
do the dougie with China.

what do you mean world peace is impossible?
there’s nothing pizza can’t fix
and if that doesn’t work
let’s duke it out over a classic round of beer pong
settle our differences through Call of Duty
and the winner gets an unlimited supply of Fruit Roll-Ups
(because who doesn’t love Fruit Roll-Ups?)

let’s pray together in fields instead of man constructions
i mean God isn’t in those stuffy places anyway
if anything he’s outside breathing in the sun and swimming in air
we can blow bubbles together
compare cloud shapes to obscure objects
then vlog our thoughts on Youtube

we should tag everyone in a post
like each other on Facebook
follow and reblog on Tumblr
let’s hashtag our concerns and debate them via Twitter
at the end of the day we can Tinychat about it

Author: jessgawrych

i have thoughts. sometimes those thoughts turn into poems.

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