Spotify ads make me want to burn a hundred trees and this is coming from a girl who loves trees – Poem by J.Gawrych

Pandora limits the amount of skips in an hr.
forced to listen to shitty music
can’t skip the shitty music

what happened to endless possibilities
or whatever
they said life is unlimited but guess not ha ~

feeling so 🙂 that 60 seconds of my life was spent hearing about the newest Kleenex product
wow i am so enlightened
thank you capitalism.

five stars for advertising
five stars for inspiring
five stars for greatness
really really thank you

it’s funny that people pay actual $$$ for music
i don’t think you should pay for my poetry but
only if you want to
i mean
i am incurring -$ and all

i am not Britney Spears or Usher (awkward)
so i do not make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
but i will give you my words for free anyway
it didn’t cost me anything to think them anyway

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