A Glimpse at the Current State of the West Bank – Observations by M. Pitter

(photo by Michael Pitter)

In the city of Hebron, located in the south eastern region of Palestine (or the West Bank), the established order puts into practice a system of apartheid between the Jewish settlers and the Palestinian Muslims. In the photo above, a concrete barrier stands between the Palestinians on the left and the Jewish settlers on the right. Behind the figures walking into the forefront of the photo sits a white  booth where Zionist soldiers keep post, armed and ready for combat. The contents in the photo (the people, the cars, the buildings) all come before the Ibrahimi Mosque or Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca, Sarah, Leah, the holy matriarchs and patriarchs are buried. Although these figures appear in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran alike, access to their burial sites is divided according to religion.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

When observing the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, one should not overlook the important difference between Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is simply a religion that some followers claim to be around 3000 years old. Zionism can be considered the rendering of Judaism into a nationalistic ideology that justifies imperial policy. The conflict between Palestinians and Jewish settlers today, as we know it, is actually a geopolitical issue for the most part, due to how Zionist agents claim the land considered Israel as their own regardless of whether those opposed to this phenomenon are Christian, Muslim or Jewish as Palestinian populations, in fact, can be. In the photo above, Zionism is equated to racism perhaps because Zionists tend to have descended for the most part from European stock whereas a Jewish human being could be Palestinian. European human beings that call themselves Zionists tend to antagonize Palestinians or Arabs rather than solely Muslims because as Zionism is defined as Jewish nationalism, securing a physical land is the utmost concern. The land that they colonized happened to be in the Arab world. Any apparent subjugation or marginalization of Palestinian people is a by-product of Zionism, not Judaism.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

Looking up in the Palestinian marketplace, reveals the amount of harmful debris thrown upon Palestinian life from the Zionist settlers.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

The JDL or the Jewish Defense League is an extremist organization dedicated to the protection of Jewish life by any means necessary. This inscription was found in a part of Hebron where only Palestinians could walk.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

The area portrayed above had long been seized by Israeli armed forces. This used to be a bustling Palestinian market. Marketplaces all about the Arab world are styled in ways similar to this one. Today, only Jewish or Christian people can walk here.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

The Israeli occupation in Palestine has transformed public areas into war zones and open prisons essentially. The photo above shows Shuhada Street heavily restricted and monitored by the Israeli military and their infrastructure. Shuhada Street was once a bustling city center.

(photo by Michael Pitter)

Areas in Hebron and Palestine at large that had long been seized and occupied by the IDF or the Israeli Defense Forces and thus claimed as satellite regions of Israel still hold the old characteristics of Arab life. The photo above shows a second floor window in the old marketplace area of Hebron. Apparently, settlers had thrown projectiles through these windows years ago before claiming it as theirs. The circular niche in the middle above the window shutters contains Arabic text from the past when Hebron was under Arab control.

Author: Michael

is a recent graduate of Boston University, where he received the Gregory Hudson Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities. He studied English Literature, History and Philosophy. To Michael, In Parentheses functions as an established, intellectual environment where art and current events share equal relevance.

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