This Started Out As a Grocery List – Poem by J.Gawrych

things that are illegal:
foreigners / jaywalking / drinking before the age of 21 (but serving in the army OK) / not paying for music / pumping one’s own gas in New Jersey /
marriage (divorce OK though) / killing (unless for democracy)

all humans break the law
why worry then
i break, you break, he/she breaks

going to break the law one day
United States of Prisons
it’s ok

things that kill:
peanut butter / cat hair / bullets / cars / people / wild bears / cancer / radiation therapy for cancer (ironically) (morbidly) / mosquito bites / other creepy crawlies that bite / water / too many beers / sleeping

am i missing something?
everything kills
why worry then
i kill, you kill, he/she kills.

going to be killed one day
it’s ok.

things that are American:
McDonalds / Barbie / iPod (Made in China) / .com / prisons / college / debt / loans / Coca Cola / Nike (Made in China) / Mustangs / memes /

what else?
we’re all American
why worry then
United States of I, United States of You, United States of He/She

Made in America
it’s ok

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