A dark harbor welters…by G. Mramor

A dark horbor welters, a beam breathes upon the city built into a hill and juts out over the dark sea hot in a fury, disappears in the dark clouds which fall mountains of ash upon the sea and hurtle toward the bay town vacant. On the right arm of the harbor there runs a girl, up the slope and into the woods and through the woods leaving behind a trail of blood drops she comes out onto a silver lawn before a mansion back to the coming destruction, she runs into the mansion and runs in dark to the stairs and runs up seven levels to the ladder which leads to the roof  and coming out on top clear in the silver of the moon she runs to the perched griffin at the roof’s corner and searches a last over the sea. The earth begins to shake, all the glass in the house cracks, windows burst as the wind reaches the shore first. She hangs tight to the griffin and speaks to him but he makes no response, his eyes dart out, and she follows his eyes and catches just a glimpse of a flashing light before destruction falls

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