You are now part of a mad country…by G. Mramor

Mont Blanc, France

You are now part of a mad country Colossus, with the breath that blossomed on your dripping chin in the secret of the white mountains and the secret hearted-hand whose ghost led the way in to the sacred heart by star and by fire to the end where you leapt and alighted the valley off a wandering cloud and came to the black pool and dove down deep and could feel warmth hold your hart but rose you rose to the night and cried out to the stars burning for death how how how to lose

you watched as night fell as stars burned out as death breathed into the night-children and once more there you threw you down but when you began to disappear something held you there motionless kept you away from the fire of her bud and began to rub you out into a dream running away

to the white mountains where in a cave you hide where upon the precipice you sit staring down at the black pool where maddened you mouth out the words without a sound how how how to lose

Author: mramor90

Montessori Teacher

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