Hidden in your country…by G. Mramor

Hidden in your country, there is Colossus by the foam-tongued rocks under a poked-out sun and slating sky aside the sprawling madness of the cataract in the quiet rage of nature standing there lost in the fever of shadows tearing all around, fore that you brought me here I shall know no peace that you brought me here only to suffer and for love you brought me only your shadow and you told me this is my country,

up and off his haunches wend round the pool upon the slimed-rocks to the brittled shore where there are four paths dividing, and which one is you today tomorrow yesterday or never and she once told me that I had to shatter me into pieces and scatter me all about her to know her country and have hope she said you will know me one day but already I know your face I feel the revolutions of your words in my head and hands I see your heart but she said no no you will know me one day no,

so into four pieces broken sent on a numbed prayer and long ways went in silence to find only silence at the end, again and again there is this only your silence and that you see me and I see you the darkness of my mirror you who are beyond words beyond all worlds’ salvation and damnation and you who’d come only to see me weather and wane into a wither washed-away who only when I am fallen and have shattered me beyond even my fire’s mend only then shall you come my mirror’s darkness only then, again and again on and on upon this road who twists forever, in my heart let these words be for my death for affrighted love for you, hidden in your country

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