Do you know the force who ruins…by G. Mramor

Paire de Chaussures, Van Gogh


Do you know the force who ruins, who bore the white mansion the tower and Colossus, and gave me the black from such a small hurt to ascend the symbol for the earth to speak you, through the hollowing of your eyes, to fill two meant to hold the world doubly, for fury and fulgour to be kept balanced in the stare of one, but fore nevermore the heart of one, who showed me all the people to whom I am bound empty vessel to tow across the greatest lake only one has known from the tears of the earth formed unto the white city always vanishing in the rain on the horizon before we do ever moor, the scattering who is my fury who is my knowledge of you anonymous in your eternal self your eternity my words wish to weather away into age and in age rubble far back into the memory of time so that you can rise and see all the beauty of the night crestfallen pouring into day and see the world of fire who awoke life and that secret place to open for you again on the bourn of the heart where blood breathes out life and love, come in, forevermore

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