Hard Ice – Poem by P Chatelain

don’t love me so much, love me better – photo by p chatelain (sevilla, spain)

hard ice

as i sit, lost, watching the clock tick, i pause.
the time won’t.
i pause ‘cus i hope your thoughts
found a home in me. it’s getting old,
but please, you know i need.
you know how cold i get.
i’m freezing and don’t want to melt.
so snap me; remind me how i
felt when you’d grab me.
shatter my crisp edges,
break your way in.
take what i can’t give and more
because i live for more. and if i
don’t rid my soul of the vicious cold
the love won’t know which way to hold.
i slide from between love’s fingers
because i’ve seen love’s splinters and they
prick me.

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