Feeling Okay – Poem Submission by C Smith

Feeling Okay, photo by P Chatelain (f/ N Shams)

Feeling Okay

If Danni calls, you can tell her
I’m doing just fine.
I stay home most nights and stare at the walls
Or scribble down some thoughts.
I don’t much go out because
I have nowhere to go
And no one to go with.
I’m slowly withdrawing from everyone’s life
Not by choice
Or necessity.
I’m fading away, and I think one day I’ll wake up
And my body will be gone.
I will just be a faded stream of consciousness
Dancing in the morning sun
Creeping through between the closed blinds.
Tell Danni I’m feeling okay lately,
Because I am, and because I wouldn’t want her to worry.
I know she has a lot on her plate.
Tell Danni I’m feeling okay,
And that if she wants to talk,
I’ll probably be home.
I don’t much go out anymore.


Chris Smith is an aspiring writer from Bronx, NY, soon to be entering his Freshmen year as a member of the College of the Holy Cross class of ’16.  He is dedicated to getting his ideas out there, mainly through poetry and songwriting.

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