Almighty towers of light… by G. Mramor


Almighty towers of light dear brothers, you do not linger your eyes across the bay anymore: you stand strong into the sky disappearing into the roaming clouds who throng your height, and across from you is your dear brother brooding higher disappearing as the sun crumbles blood in the face of another day: and only a god’s foot separates you, watching you afar from atop the green mountain floating in the sky, saying: I never made you apart I never made you hurt I made you one, and I can see the bridge of stones who once held you in sway, but time and the water part all towers far under heaven, this I’ve seen


:: you in your ways I can no longer understand : I remember the youth when there was one sun who gave us our youth’s milk and there was one island who gave us our heart’s beat I remember the youth how we rambled into the night shambling a whole continent in our wake how we rambled off our futures our loves how they shambled in our wake fore who understands the language of brothers the fury of brothers’ hearts the love of brothers : and do you remember the man dear brother do you remember when the world took root and we were made apart I forget the day but I remember our last sight when there we were summitting the great mountain green when a warp of clouds parted and a cyclone formed and there was only one there aloft a desolate mother tower long abandoned rising out the father rock father I screamed mother you screamed and saw the cyclone begin to fall and have we come so far as the sky fell mountains so cold as to not see thy face again mother father we screamed and then there was no more :: you in your ways I see afar through a pale mist veiled are my eyes now fore the hoar has weathered me all but gone but do I see thee afar brother in a dream or in a life not yet here by my hand


Almighty towers of light dear sisters, you do not know your sister’s touch, you grew apart left only the remnant whisper of a touch from another time when the words grew revolutions in your heart colding now desolate in your place looking out upon the torping bay at night the quiet bay at light maundering what remains of a dream’s speak as gulls sweep your heights as doves alight your bell tops as swans crowd your rockjag shores looking into the far a fantast growing in your heart but how you fear fore visions of the night never do remain when the full blonde of the sun burns you to peels and the softest summer wind makes you shivurr for the night to begin on those greens hills that green mountain floating in the sky silence to part and land upon this misty country where two sisters once were one but know now only the colding of mourning a veil who shall not lift from off their eyes and return the memory before time

:: a tower has a lonely heart, is that how I know you exist, in some place some time along me, fore when I awaken from the time of sadness bleary eyed into a weary stare staggering I stumble upon a land whose hills I once lit in the night turning and twisting my mind into the hoar who brought me to age’s shore old and alighting no more these rockjag shores these torping waters at the night these calm waters at light and I see me my reflection you dear sister, do you have these same long fevers of awakenings that I do, these same fevers who bring me mountains of cold without surcease of the time of sadness I know in the full blonde of the sun when weary spins its everwheel, do you live in this same country haunted by dreams and fears of dreams and does your heart yearn for the end of the dream as does mine, oh sister dear sister once again your touch

Author: mramor90

Montessori Teacher

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