I Wonder…by M. Pitter

American news media wants to keep Americans afraid of their world and themselves.

I will live to be 23.

Even Staten Island will be gentrified. Brownsville and East New York.

A new genre of music will develop soon.

The difference between sanity and insanity really exists.

The legalization of mariHuana would only lead to genetically engineered addictive “grass” that would actually kill your brain cells like fluoride and alcohol. Mentadent and Brooklyn Lager.

People will be reading physical paged books in 100 years.

We will grow old and die on Facebook.

A war between NATO, Syria, Russia, China and Turkey will occur.

Obama will be re-elected

The Queen of England is happy.

Osama bin Laden is really dead.

I will ever see Patagonia.

We will be singing the Thong Song in front of our grandchildren.


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