Angular Momentum – a Poetry Submission by M. Berger

Asking a science guru why things
in the universe rotate. He pondered
the question for the longest time.

He launched into an explanation
of how things accrete and develop

The spinning itself attracts other
matter. It imparts spin to the new

The spin obeys the laws of physics
known as angular momentum. As
it spends it collects additional matter.

He said, “Let me explain.” He drew a
circle on the chalkboard, then another

He drew arrows between them and
explained they are drawn together
by gravity.

If the two don’t meet head-on., spin
is imparted. This spinning creates
a vortex drawing in other matter.

The new matter is captured in the
vortex and rotates around the
original central axis.

Concluding his explanation, he
wore a wry smile. He said that this is the
most plausable explanation.

He then said, “The truth be told, why
things in the universe rotate, the
bottom line, I haven’t the foggiest idea.


I am Mike Berger, MFA in creative writing. I write poetry full time. I have only been writing for three years. I have had good success publishing and have authored nine poetry chapbooks.

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