August Poetry – Poems Submitted by C Scharwath

The Orlando Sentinel, Lake Healthy Living, Think Healthy and Mature Lifestyles Magazines have all described Carl Scharwath as the “running poet.” His interests include being a father/grandfather,competitive running,sprint triathlons and taekwondo (he’s a 2nd degree black belt). His work appears worldwide with over forty publication credits.


Celestial evening oozes black
and droplets begin to paint
the schizophrenic atmosphere.

Incessant dripping announces
an awakening with an
ethereal alarm—3:01!

Turbulent moonlight dissipates,
alive in anxiety, sleep will
arrive just before dawn.


A baby holds a relic from long ago.
Pages aged, words melting together in a last gasp of life.
The book falls from her unknowing hands,
the culture of man discarded on the living room floor.

Books combusted in an apocalyptic morning inferno,
casting a surreal and Dystopian dawn light.
The haze and smoke of literature dance in the room
and veil the infants perception.


The days have the atmosphere of a convex mirror.
Untraceable nomadic obscurity, abstraction,
lack of emotion, the absence of lyrical self-hood .
Yet the fragmentation of the universe
is somehow mirrored in the ambiguous
nature of life itself.


Facade assaulted in a small sadness,
as erratic moments
rise up from despair.


Life mirrors a morning dewdrop, glistening,

a small universe perilously draped on a forgotten branch
evaporating into nothingness.

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