The City Does Spring Cleaning – Poem Submission by T Geiger

Tayler Geiger is a writer and slam poet at Washington University in St. Louis. As a freshman, he grew roots that continue to sprawl and qualified to compete at the National Poetry Slam. After completing his first chapbook, he plans on becoming a vegetarian.

The city does spring cleaning

trash-bag smock wearin urban vermin
can’t even lift bootstraps high enough to

orbit limestone hilltop where suits sit
earn penchants in mucous making

year long slobber-fest upside the head
makes you wonder how concrete got to

feeling so starry-eyed princess story
upside the head like streetside pillows

muh muh make me blanket
muh muh mold me new mold

this is all a novel piece of music
lacuna movements whispering

don’t look here don’t look here
don’t look here please don’t look here.

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