Poem Submission by H Calhoun

Harry Calhoun has been haunting the poetry scene for over 30 years. Two books and several chapbooks over the past three years. Several Pushcart nominations; publications in Chiron Review, AbbeyOrange Room Review, Gutter Eloquence, Lily and others. Current project: a chapbook of love poems, How Love Conquers the World.

The Portrait of Me

Making one last bedtime check
In dark November,
the black coffeemaker set
full of its water and dark brown grounds
the heavy wooden door locked
against what would be its first intruder

I catch a glimpse of myself
mirrored in the glass
of a Monet print in the living room
and for a minute I see myself
for what I am but juxtaposed
with Monet’s sunflowers and

I don’t know exactly how to feel,
some guy flirting with the legends
or just a pale reflection and I’ve felt
that way writing these poems
and as if I had any choice
I just think about it, have a drink

and wander off to go to sleep

Braille without Eyeglasses

Morning stumbling eyeglassless sleepy into the kitchen,
thumbing open the pill organizer, fingertips grazing
the tablets: serenity the shape of a tiny coffin, the orb
that speaks down to your blood pressure. A swallow
of last night’s coffee, then lift the lid on today’s batch:

fingers in a Sahara of fresh grind, dipped in the water,
smell of hazelnut, close lid, press brew. Without
glasses, you’re just blind enough to rely mostly on feel.
The sick helplessness you stomached
when she left, or when death left you

with no dial tone, returns. In this mundane morning,
sun still struggling to come up in a cloud-blind sky,
you feel something close to panic, and stumble
toward the bedroom, coffee gurgling behind you urging you
back to your bed, to your glasses, to blessed sight.

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