l see the blind one…by G. Mramor

Ruins in a landscape, Thomas Doughty

I see the blind one upon the void who in night builds a house and into the house breathes ghosts and turns away from the house and walks the void until there is no place unknown and breathes again to form the earth and the earth speaks the first word violence and there throughout the empty face comes up features in a horrid cry that is the second word and mountains arise and hands come to bowl out the valleys and break the land to create the law and goes throughout the land and severs the land to show the law and breathes water in between to make sorrow the third word and looks about and breathes the sky the day and night stars and the world and under the first sun returns to the house the first created and lets open the doors and the ghosts they go and their violences their cries their sorrows give birth the first night to the obscured creatures maunderers under the sun beggars under the moon all seeking the blind one in the house waiting.

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