To the old one as a child…by G. Mramor


: I see the paths under the castle’s eyes, how straight and narrowing they go through this blooming paradise, I see the trees bestride who never lose their shadows, and in the full of the sun become towers the child tries to climb, to reach heaven through shadow to close his hand over the sun, and lose her in the copses that abound this place, so that father in his palace will see and mother in her bed will see, from the window see the boy run run away, and the garden mazes whereby old sage sits pen in hand as the day broils in his coat his vest his shining silver chain and gold watch his spectacles shabbily placed on the tip of his warted nose awaiting those words to rise to give essence to stem and bud, and through there she runs past his eyes something moving in this still life and says good girl stay for a moment amongst these buds, good boy stay a moment amongst these stems,  to see your heart’s face,

and the long swath of darkness as the moon spins drunkenly to his throne, but I will run away this night she tells her soft bed I shall run away, and out upon these paths breaking forbidden across the gardens trampling stem and bud of flowers never meant for eyes and channels of water sparkling never meant for the splash of his feet as he goes under the walkway bridges to the nothing in the far that stokes his fantast’s fire, and running and breaking free from paths straight from beginning to end and across the lawn to the woods whose shadows long toward, : I’m coming shadow : I’m coming night, screams across the castle and glass broken in the night and torches lit for the stampede of men, :: I’m coming, the moon staggers placid as shadows begin to assume their dayly pose, :: do not close on me, and two names at the foot of the grass yelled, and turning look upon the horizon the sun burning up and the men burning there in the darkness beneath as night’s dress furls back up into the woods, :: do not close on me please, and running into a last night they turn to see, :: you, and lost in the night, two smiles and a bloom

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