fantasy ha ha – Poem by J.Gawrych

waiting to be WOWED
people might wow you for ~1 second
maybe less
<<<<<<< great
most people are less than great
compare them to saran wrap
if you think i’m wrong you’re wrong.
i’ve been doing this for ~20 years
i KNOW things.

but really
what happened to surprises
and when did that stop.
gimme something endlessly ongoing
like almost infinite
to infinity and beyond
Buzz Lightyear life yeah.

is there really such a thing as finding
“the right one”
idk but whatever
maybe i should stop expecting WOW
and like settle for
everything is always OK
so maybe that’s really what it is all about
just being OK.
but they never say
“they lived OK ever after”
that doesn’t make sense it’s stupid and boring
i don’t want to be stupid and boring.
someone come be not stupid and not boring with me

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