When did I ever know you…by G. Mramor

When did I ever know you: when after a burnt-out day in the sun we sat before the bright store-front to its dimming unspeaking listening to the passions our friends spoke looking, when I came to you by the railing torn-up and drunk as our friends gave up their voices to the bedlam of a city night and standing before you you said smile for me, when before your door we stood alone and you drunk and torn-up closed your eyes for my kiss and I came up to your forehead guided by some ghost I never knew and kissed you there, when on your floor we were close you were silent but I was talking my heart out until you quieted me with your pen the message on my hand kiss me silly, when on your bed I rose up you and made you close your eyes tight and when I came back down you said no not yet, when I slept by you and knew that the three days were past and morning come I will never see you again will I

Author: mramor90

Montessori Teacher

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