Author: Michael

is a recent graduate of Boston University, where he received the Gregory Hudson Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities. He studied English Literature, History and Philosophy. To Michael, In Parentheses functions as an established, intellectual environment where art and current events share equal relevance.

One thought

  1. Wow, this review is quite biased. ILLUMINATI!

    But seriously. “The Morning” had one of the best verses of the entire summer which was by Raekwon – a very well-known / established rapper for his bottomless bars. Chief Keef is taking the world by storm right now, and it helps that Kanye blew up his “Don’t Like” with the G.O.O.D. remix. What about Kid Cudi’s spotlight on “Creepers”? Definitely goes well with the new persona he’s trying to create. Cudheads are definitely looking forward to Indicud (like myself). Can we talk for a second about Ghostface on the Cruel Summer version of New God Flow? I’m glad Ye took out the heavy bass part that used to occupy that space in the previously released track. Overall, Kanye always does a masterful job with final products and I’m glad these great G.O.O.D. Music artists have him overlooking them.

    Besides a few of Kanye’s verses, what real significance does his relationship have in this album at all?

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