Ram Island, 18:17, Thursday – Poetry Submission by M. Bowen

Matti Bowen is a graduate of Binghamton University, where she studied English and Cinema. A self confessed Knowledge Omnivore, she revels in the richness of human expression found in everything from blog culture, to science fiction, to home improvement television and Melville. She currently lives in the north Hudson Valley with her dog and far too many books.

In my dream last night

            we could swim without breathing,

Our lungs filled with sun,

            we pushed through the Bay.

If in that moment I was dying,

 or for the first time whole and of the world

            — I do not know.

But the salt

            sang electric on my skin,

Your hand on my ankle chasing

            and playful,

How Adam must have felt —

            Reaching out for God.

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