Societal Vermin – Prose Submission by CM Gabbett

C. M. Gabbett is a Communications major at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Presently, he works at the George Potter library and at Barnes and Noble. In addition to writing, he is very active in the New Jersey political world. He lives in Raritan, New Jersey with his family

Societal Vermin

The term “vermin” represents an unwelcome scourge. Throughout history, the term has represented mice, rats, insects, bedbugs, and people of different faiths. Today, however, there is a new subject worthy of the term. That subject would be stupid people.

Stupid people have become the true societal vermin of this century, and believe me, they are everywhere. Teenage girls who are convinced life won’t go on because they didn’t pick the perfect top for a school event. College guys who think that the true test of manhood is how many shots he can handle. Drivers who haven’t figured out what a fucking blinker is.

Now, usually when vermin are identified, they are quickly eradicated. But in this case, there are two problems standing in the way. First, they are human beings (allegedly), and thus are illegal to eliminate. Forcibly castrating them is also not allowed, legally speaking.  Second, they have done what no other vermin has been able to do. They have become the dominant species on the planet.

They are everywhere. In schools. At work. In stores. In public office. Especially that last one. They are a very powerful group, and oddly enough, have no understanding of how terrible they are. They also are convinced that the intelligent population are the scourge of society. Mostly because we do not share their love of the idiocy portrayed on MTV. Or perhaps it is because we do not have sexual relationships out of boredom. Whatever the reason, we are unable to eradicate this deadly threat on the basis of legality. Oh legality. How I loathe thee…

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