How To Break A Poet’s Heart – Poem by J.Gawrych

Go and tell him
his poem is foul.
Go and say that
you do not read poetry
and it does not read you.
Go and say there is no meaning
to the birds he watches,
nor to the stars he points out,
so he can stop talking about them now.
Tell him that the ocean metaphor
he uses so often
is unoriginal,
and say to him,
“Pick a different fucking symbol why don’t you.”

Tell him he needs to get out more,
say he should speak up and stop writing all the time.
Tell him to get off that damn computer
and see the sun.

Watch him put aside his poems of the outdoors
and step away from
his laptop in the same manner that
Ginsberg left the typewriter,
in that he will do none of those things
and instead pen the poem that will be a farewell –
to delusions
and anti-poets.
Ask him what he is doing,
he will probably not respond
go ahead and watch him break for you,
see that
in the break there will be an opening
from which poems will pour,
and it would ache as the river’s mouth does
with the ocean,
in that it will not ache at all.

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