…by G. Mramor

Cold tears, a black string of cold tears down the passing rose in your cheek, from your eyes I gather pieces I once gave memories I take back love let it numb out

quickly please,

Winter surrounds, a cold wind lashes yesterday’s snow across the fire burning out embers yearning for heat, across our lying quiet bodies shadowed and orange by the shift of the fire, hand following hand you looking at me me at you bodies asunder


Cold winterlake, a white sheet of snow shifts upon the lake frantically, wind blows our bodies to one, lips shivurring by my lips a bristle of hair the dark crawling out your eyes and washing off your face the lover’s trace, I move you to the lake, : do not part, cracks and yesterday’s cries, : do not tremble, cracks and yesterday’s screams, : do not wake, chasm of black water and yesterday’s love


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