Author: Michael

is a recent graduate of Boston University, where he received the Gregory Hudson Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities. He studied English Literature, History and Philosophy. To Michael, In Parentheses functions as an established, intellectual environment where art and current events share equal relevance.

3 thoughts

  1. I’d love if you fully described this form of domination. Perhaps we don’t know, since, as you outlined, new forms of exploitation are the manifestations of technological progress, which are themselves the product a rationalized society. These being so quick, we haven’t had time to see the internet’s degrading effects. (weber comes to mind) In that sense, your argument is Marxist, in that the byproducts of the capitalist superstructure subsumes new potential means of freedom (like the internet) into its big belly of exploitation, in which case the internet is no more limiting (nor enabling) to freedom than the advent of the automobile. I suppose my question then is, why is the exploitation inherent in the Internet worse than other forms of oppression? Or do you see it as another tick off the long line of things, past and yet to come, that will reinforce the bourgeoise hold on power?

    1. Ah i get it. It’s worse because the exploitation comes from the grassroots. Meaning we enable our own exploitation willingly and gladly (most of the time). We put chains on ourselves. But if we medium of our own domination, we are also the means of our own freedom. What that entails… in an upcoming article!!!

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