Daytonighttoday…by G.Mramor

You are the sunrise spreading across misty heathered crests, the warm sway of grass high up on skytouching ridges, the silver of the river winding through the lush valley, the runnel of raindrops dripping from the cold amorphous body of clouds, the pink the amber the blood the purple the blue and the green banners waving at sunfall,

you are the pale darkness dousing the world weary with sleep, the last voices of colour in heaven as shades of blue fall heavy with night, the whisper of shucking trees coated with early dew, the white light of the clearest moon full on this half of the world, the shadows around sleeping bodies, the glimmurr of a sandswept sky glittering with diamond worlds far off, the dimming of the sky, the deepest darkness before dawn, the weary-wiped bleary-eyed awakening flourishing a soft serenade of pink lace across the sky

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