I created the land…by G. Mramor


I created the land,

open up to me make your paths turn forever the way spread your forests thick and endless give me arbour in rains give me burrow in snows then show me the light of spring tresses through the verdant crowns let the wind comber through the shaking leaves and when the forest ends bring me to a desolate aerie highup on the hill defended by a ridge and an ocean and blow dreams into my sleep keep eyes away keep the human sounds away from my runaway raise up a meadow screen and in summerheat guide the fauna to my door and I shall feed them as they fed me and drunken me in the riverswim and the shuckedoff lonely amber leaves first struck by the wintering chill fast on my body they find friend like I in my creation and the flora say goodbye wrinkling and the fauna nuzzle my sleep with coldwet noses and I say goodbye goodbye



Author: mramor90

Montessori Teacher

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