Epilogue Poems by V Andre

Vinca Andre is a pen name that the poet took after fleeing from her small village in Pakistan where she was being brutally harassed for reading and writing English.

As it ended (epilogue)

He had far coursed of
under water

and the song;

herons and female son
the fowl hand size masonry minister

from trunks

substantial disrepair flights accompanied the

grey whore

upon at the crevices

as it blew, gnarled
at the narrow
balmy pool
of the fallen son.

Twelfth all sacrifice (epilogue)

Again as the eldest son
hounds with his tongue

with five throats given
to the red forest

and then
the teeth followed
with cake


of the man before

and became heavier

as death crept near,
the wife cheered the seven
heads of a mermaid.

Shed (epilogue)

Head followed

the cut

of man

and the
dress was torn.

Lad that rode the dragon
clutched at
russet garment

and yellow faced sword

feasted on a beady

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