I Want to Map You Out with Words…by C Duncanson

Cassie Duncanson is a 21 year old writer, baker, museum docent, art history student, who wants to travel more than anything. I call Western and Central Massachusetts my homes. Anais Nin is my current spirit animal.

(Previous work on IP by Cassie)

I want to map you out with words

I want to map you out with words, inch by inch. I want to trail adjectives along your spine and place adverbs in your hair. I want prepositional nouns to trail off your fingertips and fall like droplets of water at your feet. I want incorrect grammar to settle in the small of your back like beads of sweat.
Foreign words will churn in your bright blue eyes. Lines of conjunctions will encircle your hips, and propositions will fall down your legs.
I will outline every muscle with exclamations. Every joint will be emphasized with prepositions.
Every exhale a quote and every inhale a prefix.
I want to write suffixes on every whirl, loop and arch of your fingertips. I want curses between your toes and sweet nothings at your collarbone.
I want to imprint your skin with literature, and write you as if you were a book to be read.

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