One loved…by G. Mramor


Where is your passion now, one loved? Your face now washen, no longer perplexed. Your lips moving now in rote, no more a voice. But a wind speaking now scared of breath. But a world turning now with no speed. Bound to ways so straight now. Never again the pain of sleep never again the pain of dream never again the pain of wake. Only years now without a name. And one loved asks where is your passion now?


See you walking now in this place. Home our last temptation for hope. Hear you speaking now to sleep. Dream now quiet prayers for love. See you sitting away now in this place. Drifting awake only to ask what is this place? Hear you talking now to errors. Which one of you wrote this fate? Always in wake now. The gone in this place.


And there stood a house where we once lived. The trees kept two hidden. The night let two divorce. And love made illusion free. You and I, ghosts humbled to the fire now.

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