A Series In Which Neurosurgery Poses as Poetry – Poem by J.Gawrych

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All hail the brain!

People are afraid of brains.
Brains are machines,
and every thing
has one.
The brain is also a weapon
The brain is a nuclear weapon
It can be lethal
and prone to explosion.

Wanna know what you and I have in common?
A brain.

Guess what:
The world is full of brains.
Guess what:
your brain can do anything.

Go live
of your brain.

Save the brain!

Did you feed your brain anything today?
What kind of diet is your brain on?
Your diet affects your brain.
Funny thing about the brain
is that
it acts before we know it does,
sends synapses for motion
before we decide for it to.
Pretty cool, huh?

Praise the brain!

New show pitch:
American Brain.
Find the best brain in America.
Like American Idol
but brainy.

Damn, your brain is deep.
Damn, your brain scares dictators.
Damn, no one understands your brain.
That is cool.

People get mad at a brain they don’t understand.
I like a brain that I can’t understand.
Most of the time, we don’t understand our own brains.
The brain serves us
but we serve it too.

No disrespect to the brain.
Love your brain.
Love all brains
even ones that others
would call “dull” or “weird.”
Cause all brains want love.
Well, maybe some don’t
but I haven’t met one yet that hasn’t.

Viva el cerebro!

Peoples brains are different from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.
For instance
a dog’s brain receives love and then gives it right back
no matter where that love comes from.
Because for that dog
there is no perception of race or religion,
so he just loves in his dog like way.
A human brain is different because it
limits love until it decides not to.
A brain makes decisions.

My brain matters as much as yours.
All perspectives of the brain matter.
Remind your brain of itself
and others.

Forgive the brain
it often forgets,
and at times it misinterprets.
But most of all,
adore the brain
because it exists.

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