Tumblr Flash Poetry – Phillipe Chatelain

Here are the poems I wrote for those who participated in my Tumblr poetry project for National Poetry Month. Each reblog of the promotional post counted as another blog that inspired the corresponding 20-word poem. For the full details please click here. Enjoy! 

Tumblr Flash Poetry

pukutuks– afraid of the August sun, she entrusts her seeds to July winds, who search for sod they’d soon call home.

itsayla– to the world she remains hidden, where she can’t separate reality from the dream knowing that one will end soon.
jessiewentandtold– it’s important that a mountain knows it’s sinking before it tries to tower over all the others in majestic haste.
unic0rnbread– a mistake can turn a smile into a ruin, but from another angle the sun still shines nosily above you.
clutchandrelease– and in the midwest, a sleep-deprived star shines through the night, impatiently finding its place in a large sky.
potatoisfun– a tender flower grows upward and debates the pale sky. satisfied with how close they get, she eventually stops reaching.
remmyplustea– live with beauty between your finger tips, as few very often do, you can keep the world within arm’s reach.
porcelain-rain– from the smoke and ash a new light can spring, breaking through uncertain waters into vast seas of gentle relief.
rachelle-rachael– balance is found in the frothy frost coating of a cold cone in the warm hand, the smile expressing pleasure.
jessgawrych– you found your place here, but your here is bigger than mine, and includes it, calmly sharing one space.
hubbubhubbub– the framework that includes us, although tightly knit, hangs loosely in this lowly orbit. to embrace is to repair it.
hiley-kiccups– there’s a sound in here, why does it frown? it mimics the horizon that misses you as you float away.
oldlatonight– a question hangs as the lonely moon swims among the black sky. no answer will ever quell her earth-drawn orbit.
junij– the smallest pieces make up the largest part, as a tune is nothing but the playful discourse of instruments in love.
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