Spring Procession – Curtis Emery

Curtis Emery is a recent finalist for the Marjorie Sparrow poetry award, garnishing critical assessment from poets such as Brian Turner. Obsessed with the natural world and mysticism of existence, Curtis aims to continue a dialogue with the ever present challenge of poetry: to sketch the abstraction of the self.

Spring Procession

I came across myself
Drinking hallucinations
From the stream between
Washington and Broad

My back was rustic in the
Cool light of 19 years old which
Reflected and swam through the
Air and was legendary in the
Way that the robins hung low
Next to the budding maples
Waiting to burst over Main Street.

April I keep you etched on
The outside of my mind—
Virginal prophet of
August sensuality dripping
Down the cool edge of
An unopened beer—

I touched myself on the shoulder
And disappeared into
Pollen –
drifting on,
Drifting onto the
Legs of a honeybee
Which landed across
The stream—
Where I fainted in
The furious rush of
Spring glinting off
The fin of a school
Of bluegills moving
Forward expectantly—

The water’s incantation,
Funeral pyre frozen March.

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