I Knew you were my Sister by Brittney Bullock

Ever since the frosted tops of mountains cut their names into the sky and struck that brilliant chord, making their magnificent sound heard all throughout the land and almost making us cry, we spilled our guts to each other like little lambs in their final hours, declaring “Freedom” as our name, making us fully willing to share it and be sisters to that end. Ever since the weeping bush breathed its discouraged breaths and turned us around, singing proudly, a warning sign that saved our lives, we followed that coast like a watery, yielding shoulder blade, leading back to that trusted ’97 Nissan, the three of us like little suns all in a row, beaming all for one, one for all. Ever since those unknown miles led us to those empty, unknown towns, at the bottom of the world where we slept on bulldozed grounds, woke to pay up $15.50 and get a move on it, find someplace new to settle down. Ever since that night the city told us everything and beat against the backs of our necks and let us ride the scene on the peaks of its spine, and hang quite sweetly at the arcs of our brows, we heckled metal kids too cool to make a sound. Ever since the bees stayed for lunch and made you smile that secret smile, and turned a boy into a hero and made me laugh and come alive. Ever since the whiskey composed all or most of our undocumented adventures, and became more than just a drink but a curt, commanding memory every year thereafter. Ever since that naked scorching sun first touched our naked scorching skin, and I trusted you with this controversy, trusted you with everything, I knew the continents were ours for as long as we lived dying, knew the heart of it was true and something never worth denying.

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