FREE POETRY: Taking Shots Alone 1 & 2 by Phillipe Chatelain

taking shots alone 1 & 2 order yours now
taking shots alone 1 & 2
order yours now

I have decided to self-publish two collections of poems (taking shots alone 1 and taking shots alone 2) that I have been writing for the past 2 years. I will be mailing them out FOR FREE to those who fill out the request form at my website. Be sure to click the “Order TSA” link at the top.

Taking Shots Alone 1 is available in paperback as well. Order from Lulu for only $4.00.

taking shots alone - paperback, now available
taking shots alone – paperback, now available

“This collection by Phillipe Chatelain is his first chapbook. taking shots alone was written in 2011-12 as the author traveled Europe exploring the poetry in the air and the potency of local wine. It encapsulates a story of longing, for love, for happiness, but most of all, for existence.”

TSA has been previously featured on the In Parentheses Blog in excerpted form. Part 1 | Part 2

Phillipe M. Chatelain is a poet from the Bronx, New York. He is a recent graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. His first chapbook entitled taking shots alone has been independently released and he is Managing Editor of In Parentheses Literary Magazine

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