Foreground… by Brittney Bullock

"Magical Winter Night" by Tony Karp
“Magical Winter Night” by Tony Karp

I dreamt of our demise like clockwork,

now I don’t belong to anyone anymore.

They used to talk about freedoms such as this

but I never understood it or even thought to ask their names; I wish I did.

They told me that the day is nothing but the night in disguise

rolling along and fooling us all. Ha ha– and the joke’s on us I guess

and I should’ve known, what with all that artificial glow some days

like a Thomas Kinkade painting hanging in my grandmother’s hall,

light so perfectly refracted and

bouncing so hard off the not-so-newly fallen snow

that I can barely keep my eyes open, navigate through it all.

But I didn’t believe them and all their flowery, auxiliary bullshit too empirical for my tastes

so I turned them away, took a chance of my own.

They told me you were like the day, not to be trusted

but I loved to play the fool and fake my amazement at your contrived but oh-so-calming light.

I liked the way you’d shine with those shadows all around closing in

like time and suddenly there’s nothing but the bright, electric absence of light-

suddenly there’s nothing but you-

They were right.

Author: Brittney Bullock

Boston University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Primary interests include politics, prose and poetry.

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